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Business Management Systems

ISO9001-Consultant have over 27 years’ experience in the implementation of Quality Management Systems such as the ISO 9000 series and ISO14001. We believe that Quality should be an integral part of any business. To be a contender in today’s competitive world your company should be at what Michael Porter refers to as the PRODUCTIVITY FRONTIER. ISO9001-Consultant can provide a range of consultancy skills and experience to help your company to achieve this OPERATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS.

We will advise you on the Quality Management System best suited to your organisation.  It may be that our ISO 9001 Essential Package with built in consultancy is what you are looking for.  Alternatively, you may wish to get added benefits by choosing our ISO 9001 Advanced Package.  We can also provide ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety Management System consultancy and implementation.

It’s all about you and your business needs!

For this reason, we recommend that you contact our company representative, so that you may discuss your organisation in some detail before we issue you with a quotation.

Please feel free to telephone us on (01983) 854581.

This initial conversation will enable ISO9001-Consultant to start getting to know your company, and begin to accurately assess your current situation. We will discuss your current status, future plans and objectives, and your aspirations and strategy to achieve these. We will gain an understanding of your desired timescales and the constraints within which you operate.

The outcome of this discussion will be a quotation for the cost of carrying out the work, based on an assessment of where your company stands on the stepping-stones of quality, where you would like it to be, and an outline plan, including timescales and milestones, on how best this will be achieved.

Alternatively, just click on our CONTACT PAGE and let us know your requirements by email, and we’ll get back to you!

ISO9001-Consultant will continue to work with you until the objectives agreed between us have been met. Our customers’ requirements are paramount and you will be left with a Quality Management System that you can manage, without the need for further consultancy. However, we are proud to say that many of our customers do retain us as advisers (and for special projects) long after this point.

We can also provide a Strategic view of Quality Management, if you're looking to overhaul the way you approach your business.

At ISO9001-Consultant we do not just believe that Quality is Free (Crosby, 1979), but that it is profit enhancing!

Please go to our Contact Us page for the various different ways you can get in touch.